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In an attempt to shore up some of the data quality issues facing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability program and its Pre-employment Screening Program, the agency has unveiled changes to its data collection system that it says will better account for legal processes that take place after a citation is issued for a roadside inspection violation. The agency says the changes to its Motor Carrier Management Information will allow it to remove violations from a carrier’s or driver’s CSA score and PSP report if the violation was dismissed or resulted in a “not guilty” ruling. FMCSA will retain the violation and indicate it resulted in a different or lesser charge and change the severity weight in the carrier’s CSA Safety Measurement System if adjudication results in conviction of a different charge. The way the DataQs challenge system is working suggests conventional wisdom about citations and CSA scores is flawed, with the issue of unfinished clean inspections looming larger for carriers looking to improve CSA scores. The changes in data collection includes challenges made in FMCSA’s DataQs system, which allows drivers and carriers to dispute citations from roadside inspections. FMCSA’s state and local partners will update their processes, FMCSA says, to ensure later adjudication of roadside inspection violations make it to FMCSA. read more

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